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We either need another very good starter or really good reliever, IMO. Preferably both, but if we skimp on both, then those Vargas starts are really going to drain our bullpen for the rest of the week.
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Originally Posted by Baseball is a Slog View Post
I'd rather have Dar no than Maldonado
I was more intrigued by having Travis around when it looked like we might use him as a bit more of a utility guy, get his bat at other positions, use him liberally as a PH against lefties, see if he stays healthier. That would likely be contingent on keeping Nido on the 25 as a third catcher, otherwise risky to regularly burn Travis as a PH. But with the way our bench has filled out, doesn't seem realistic to carry three catchers, making Travis more strictly the backup C, and making me less intrigued by keeping him here as opposed to getting something back for his final year if there's something to be had, and adding a really strong backup C like Maldonado in his place.
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Originally Posted by dmtt61d View Post
More respect for Mahomes, who mentioned this possibility last night, with Maldonado the alleged target.

Martino is getting his info from Pat. Or Gritty/Hammer DMing Martino
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Originally Posted by MoMoneyMoProblems
There is also the fact that when we got back to her place I needed to drop a fat shit, which I absolutely should have done at the restaurant but did not for some reason. No spray, no candles, no nothin. I was praying she didn't have to use the bathroom for a few minutes after I went, but of course the universe hates me and she went in like 3 minutes later. I'm thinking that Eu de MoMo did not help the situation.
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Jeff texts all the beat guys.
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R u a qt? lol
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You can see who Jeff texts based on the misspellings in their tweets because they copy and paste his texts
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