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Originally Posted by Hire View Post
I don't really know what your point is. They hit on some 1st rounders, missed on some 1st rounders. The MLB draft after the first few picks is no guarantee at all. More likely to miss than you are to hit

The farm is certainly looking a lot better than people like you claimed to start the season. Great seasons from almost every top prospect in the organization and big rises from the kids in Kingsport
Agreed except that wasn't Cecchini looked at as kind of a questionable pick even at the time (from the scouts). Wasn't he seen more as like a good-attitude, scrappy utility guy (something like that) rather than a high-upside kind of guy? I feel like a GM should go for high upside players and cross their fingers.
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Originally Posted by WaitTillNextSeason View Post
He hit .208 and struck out 23% of the time last year in the majors Small sample, sure, but not sure what you were watching if you think he showed impressive contact skills last season

Not sure there's space for another 2B-only contact-driven utility guy on the roster. I'd keep Rivera over Cecchini in a heartbeat and might even keep Evans over Cecchini because of the dreaded "versatility."

There's not exactly a roster crunch going on this off-season so I'm not sure if Cecchini's 40 spot is in jeapordy but it's getting to that point
He'll be safe until he runs out of options after the 2019 season, then it'll be touch and go. I think Evans will get bumped from the 40 when they need a spot this winter and Wilmer's probably gone after 2019 too, so Cecchini has a chance at the Wilmer bench role in 2020, but that' a long ways away.

What I saw of him last year, I liked his glove and range. His bat needs work, but I think his glove is better than advertised, at least at 2nd.
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