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Joey Dirt
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No way. Giminez after super 2 in 2020 because Mets
Angels Baseball 2018!!! Trout and Ohtani take down the evil empire.

Originally Posted by MoMoneyMoProblems
There is also the fact that when we got back to her place I needed to drop a fat shit, which I absolutely should have done at the restaurant but did not for some reason. No spray, no candles, no nothin. I was praying she didn't have to use the bathroom for a few minutes after I went, but of course the universe hates me and she went in like 3 minutes later. I'm thinking that Eu de MoMo did not help the situation.
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Gimenez repeats AA and maybe gets a midseason promotion to AAA. I don't think he's on a super fast timeline, 2020 is more realistic anyway.
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Party poopers
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Fred Snow
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Gimenez and Alonso should start 2019 with the big league club and Rosario back to AAA with Dom.
Originally Posted by Buddy Lembeck View Post
Our record over the past 3 decades speaks for itself. It has nothing to do with the Yankees and everything to do with toxic ownership.
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Rocking an OPS of .821 in his first taste of AA as a 19 year old.

Did get a chance to see him in PSL one of his last games before promotion... I was with a bunch of friends and couldn't focus too much. I did come away with the impression that he was a little more athletic than I had heard/read about.

Saw him ground out to SS and on a routine play he was out by a foot at 1B. He got down the line very well.

Later on in the game he tried to score from second on a throwing error... the umpire totally missed the call, it was laughable he was safe by 10 feet. Either way, he has speed and some athleticism at SS. I saw one quality AB where he turned on a 94 mph FB and smoked it foul, then lined an off speed pitch into LF the next pitch. He looked to have some pretty quiet mechanics.

Blake Taylor (Ike Davis trade!) started the game and I left wondering if he could be a LOOGY.

Big bodied kid, maintained 93-94 for 5-6 innings and flashed some decent off speed stuff with poor command. He was trying to throw 4 pitches, looked like a prime candidate to dumb it down for an inning.
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