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Originally Posted by Kraft4Prez View Post
Agreed. Anyone who's not on board with getting the extra year is pretty dumb.

If he's not up the day after, we riot.
It depends on what the "first 21 days" lineup looks like...

Jay Bruce at 1B and an OF of Lagares, Conforto, Nimmo?

Or are we talking about three weeks of a Dom Smith/Wilmer Flores platoon at 1B?

Imagine if it's the latter, and the 2019 Mets end up missing the playoffs by 3 wins or something, while going 7-14 to start the season because of a black hole in the lineup
Motto of a Mets fan: Expect the worst, hope for the best, and BELIEVE that anything is possible on the baseball field!
"The more you suffer, the more it shows you really care"
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first its going to be "hold him back for extra year". Afterwards its going to be "super 2"
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Love his bat but his body type makes Jay Bruce look svelte and athletic.
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4-5 HR 6RBI last night after a long slump. Leads AFL with 6HR.
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